Friday, April 14, 2017

The Hunt is On...

Easter is upon us and my little bunnies were so excited for their egg hunts at school! In mommy fashion, I boarded the Hippity Hop Express to visit each school. My first stop was for little lady...
 She was all smiles racing her friends to find her eggs!
 The smiles grew when she opened them up to find goodies inside!
 Before going back to class, they took a picture with a bunny. As you can see from Zoe's distance, she wasn't too interested...haha...he kinda creeped her out.
Next stop, Kason's class!
Let's just say, his hunting skills just got real!
He was all over the place following his teacher's scavenger hunt looking for his eggs.
This silly group of bunnies finished their Easter party with popsicles... 
 My third stop was to pick up my last little bunny. Max's class had their own private egg hunt, but his awesome teacher sent me pictures so I could watch him go!
Love holidays with these three even if they keep me busy on a Hippity Hop Express train!

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