Monday, July 9, 2018

Explosion of Fun...

Fourth of July this year brought these little firecrackers to Austin for a few days! The Clayton Crew was pumped for Thane, Larkin, Aunt Michelle, & DB to arrive.
My goal for the day was to have All-American food and fun!
 Kason was beyond excited to put several flags out in the yard and to decorate our golf cart for the neighborhood parade.
I loaded the kids up with blow-pops to throw out. They had loads of fun! The parade around the neighborhood was so long that Michelle and I were able to move spots and catch them twice :).
 After lunch we headed to the pool for slip-n-slides, splashing, and popsicles...
It sadly started to rain later that afternoon, so we moved the party indoors with tattoos and an All American dinner with family & friends...
 We were sad to miss fireworks that night, but honestly welcomed the rain. One of my favorite parts of cousins getting together is sleepovers!
It may take them forever to crash, but when they do...sleeping is serious business! Which allows them more time to play...
 One morning we took the gang to Zilker Park for the Zypher train ride and a little Southside Flying Pizza...
I'm fairly certain only in the ATX will you get serenaded during a train ride :). Hopefully you also had a Star Spangled Banner kinda day!

Celebrating Mimi at the Beach...

For Mimi's 60th birthday she decided to rent a beach house for a week in Surfside. The whole gang was getting together for the weekend, but since the kids and I didn't have anything going on...we stayed for a week! 
Friday morning, we all headed to Schlitterbahn in Galveston for a day of slip and slide fun!
 The river rapids was by far the hit of the park! Even Max couldn't get enough of them...giggling up a storm! The rest of the weekend, this Maddux gang hung out at the beach house. Mimi hooked the kids up with snow cones every single day!
 We grilled out, fried shrimp, and hit the beach!
We even walked along the beach at night looking for seashells and enjoyed a bonfire with smores. 
 It was so much fun spending the week celebrating Mimi!
I especially loved getting to love on these sweet nieces of mine!
Like mentioned previously, after everyone went home...the kids and I stayed with Mimi and Doc. They even had family friends, the Pickles, join us for a few days. The kids and I enjoyed lazing around the beach house and soaking up the sun!
 Max may not have loved taking pictures, but we couldn't get him out of the water...he is in LOVE with the waves!
 The fisherman next to us caught a shark and let the kids see it up close...eeek!
 We even drove over to Galveston for a day to shop...
 and piddle around. We ended up coming home with pet crabs, haha!
 Of course you can't tour Galveston without a ferry ride!
 Thanks Mimi and Doc for an incredibly relaxing week with you!
We are so thankful for the way you love us Mimi and for your joy of life! Happy birthday...we love you!!