Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Zoe's 7 Year Old Fiesta...

Zoe and I were thrilled when we decided on a fiesta theme this year for her 7th birthday. Originally, we were going to have it at the house with some tacos and chips & queso, but the more she shared with me what she wanted to do at her party...well, about 2 weeks before the date I decided we would all melt in August Texas heat. Therefore, I found a place called My Gym that gave her a location that she could run free and play with her friends. I loaded up all her goodies she picked out and created a fiesta!
 Zoe is in love with candy and cascerones (confetti eggs). When we were having the party at home, we had planned on having a confetti party outside. Since we couldn't do that at the gym, we sent the cascerones home so the fiesta could keep going with their families!
 I even purchased mini-Mexican bags the kids could use to fill up their loot from the piñata!
 Now to the good stuff...the actual party! The gym had the kids play a couple of games like duck, duck goose and capture the flag along free time for them to run and play. I'm fairly certain that for the first 30 minutes Max thought the party was for him, ha!! :)
We then took a break to sing Happy Birthday and cut the piñata cake...
 full of M&Ms!!!
 We are so thankful for good friends from school and our neighborhood who came to party with Zoe. She loves "her people" and being able to spend an afternoon playing with them is a favorite for our girl.
After cake, the gym set up an obstacle course for the kids to run through which was super fun!
 We finished the fiesta with everyone pulling a string to release the goods from the piñata!
 Daniel and I are so thankful for our brown eyed girl. She exudes joy and radiates love. We couldn't be more proud of who she is and the way God is molding her.
Happy 7th Birthday Zoe Grace!!

Kason's Special Mimi & Doc Trip...

My parents had the most incredible idea that I'm excited for all of their grandkids to experience. They have decided to take each grandkid on a special trip when they turn 10. The best part, the kids get to pick where they go!! In true Kason style, he chose Salt Lake City, Utah because his love for the mountains and outdoors run deep. He was excited for Utah since he has only been to New Mexico and Colorado. This trip didn't disappoint one bit...they all three had a super fun time!!
 I love how my parents delighted in Kason's interest. They took him fly fishing and this kid was in heaven!
 I think they all looked cute in their waders!
 Another day they went to the Olympic Village. They were able to watch the Olympic skiers practice!
 Who knew they practiced by landing in water? So fun to watch the videos they sent. He also checked out the bobsleds. 
 I believe they visited the mountain a couple of times. Doc and Kason did the ropes course, the mountain coaster, and gondola.
 One day they rode an old train through the mountains which apparently scared Kason a little since it wobbled some.
Rather than riding back, they floated the river! It was a white water rafting trip, but they said there weren't really any rapids...it was more of a float. Who cares when you have that gorgeous scenery around you!
Before leaving Utah, they went to see the Salt Lake and Antelope Island.
 The other day Kason told me that this was one of the best summers he's ever had. I guarantee you that this trip was one of the major contributors. What an incredible gift...to be poured into and loved by your grandparents all by your self in your personal slice of paradise...the mountains! Thank you so much Mimi and Doc for loving our boy so well.

Galveston with Mimi and Doc...

I try to take the kids to see both grandparents every summer. I had planned on going to Conroe sometime, but after visiting with my mom she threw out the idea of going to Galveston for a mini-vacay. Daniel stayed home to work while the rest of us went to party! Our room had a beautiful view of the ocean...
 The kids couldn't get enough swimming in, whether at the beach or the pool!
 One whole day we spent at the beach. These three munchkins of mine love the beach, especially the waves!
 That evening we got cleaned up and headed to the strand. We ate seafood by the docks before walking around.
 We stopped in at the old confectionery to get a bite of ice cream. The kids had fun watching salt water taffy being made!
 The next day we went to Moody Gardens. I was probably just as excited as they were since I had never been before. We started at the rainforest before wondering to the aquarium.
 Kason and Zoe really enjoyed the exhibits where you could touch the animals. We were so surprised when Max was interested in the jelly fish and even stuck his hand in for a feel!
 There wasn't as much to do at the Discovery Pyramid for the older kids, but Max was in heaven! He was thrilled to get out of his chair and crawl around to play.
 Later that afternoon we headed to Palm Beach which is the swimming portion of Moody Gardens. It was basically a mini-waterpark and a fun way to end the day.
 The other two rode a few slides, swam around the lazy river, and splashed in the wave pool. On our last morning, the kids begged to go to the beach one more time before late check out. Doc and I couldn't turn them down!
 So thankful for our time with Mimi and Doc...it never disappoints! 
 High tides and good vibes with this crew!