Sunday, September 30, 2018

First Days of School...

The beginning of school is always an exciting time. Max LOVES school and couldn't have been more excited to return to his routine of riding the bus.
 Dad is doing early morning duty this year and as you can see, Max doesn't hate it :). Kason and Zoe are going with me to a new charter school that opened this year called Valor. It is a classical education and we are all in love with it. The school focuses heavily on virtues and nurturing the whole child. Zoe started kindergarten with Mrs. Ray and Mrs. Schwoller.
 Kason started 4th grade with Mrs. Krazynski as his homeroom teacher. He actually has 4 teachers who rotate in and our of his room. His class stays in their room while the teachers switch.
 I went back to teaching and am in 2nd grade. I have discovered this is my sweet spot...I absolutely love it! It's been different learning how to teach in a classical model, but it in a positive way. I'm sold! 
 Our classrooms are not allowed to be busy, cluttered, or filled with bulletin boards. Therefore my room is simple.
I also have a beautiful Van Gogh that is one of my favorite parts of my room, but realize now I don't have a picture of it. Max's school has been incredibly accommodating and buses him to me every afternoon. He loves to play on my rug :).
 The first day of school was a busy one, but a successful one. Everyone loves their classes and has met some really great new friends.
 Could they be any cuter in their uniforms?! I love it. Our mornings are super easy without fuss which is nice since we need to leave around 6:30. Daniel gets up with us and makes us breakfast everyday. On the first day, the kids requested homemade cinnamon rolls...yum!
This is our family motto this year! Kason, Zoe, and I have a family hug in my room each morning and repeat this motto before going our own ways.
 Returning to work was a hard decision for me to make. I wasn't ready to not just be a mom...I was nervous about releasing some of my caretaker duties for Max...I was unsure how I would balance being a mom and a teacher. Turns out, I really enjoy it. I've been surprised by how much fun I've had returning to work. I know having a husband who has been so supportive and a huge helpmate has added to that along with believing fully in the school I am working at. Plus, the incredible ladies of my family sent me this basket of love! 
 I've been overwhelmed with gratitude for the support of my family and the encouragement they have provided me. So much so, that my kids and Daniel encouraged me to take the position of helping coach middle school volleyball. Turns out, I absolute LOVE it! It requires a lot of my time, but my family are my cheerleaders.
While our days look a little different and my evenings are spent working in bed after the kids are asleep, we are happy. School has been an adjustment in a good way. I look forward to seeing the way our entire family grows this year!

End of Sweet Summertime...

August kind of went by in a blur for me. I went back to teaching and had 3 weeks of training before school started. The kids were home with Daniel while I worked, but also spent one week at Mimi and Doc's house. We managed to squeeze in a little fun still. Big news for little lady, she lost her first tooth!!
 The kids begged for a sleepover and I finally gave in. Every time we try sleepovers with Zoe, she ends up going back to her room...but this time she was determined :).
 After working all day, I sure did enjoy coming home to hang with my crew!
 Our chickens finally started laying eggs and boy are they yummy!
One morning, we went to the Wildflower Center and enjoyed the outdoors together.
 The kids even tried edible plants!
 Their favorite spot of course is the building area. These two could build all day if we let them!
 While preparing for school, we made snack bags for their backpacks.
 We also went skating for a friend's birthday!
 Daniel and I had one of the biggest scares we have had while parenting. We were all outside together  one evening when Kason started crying and running back to us from down the street with blood everywhere. We showered him off and headed to the ER. What was scary is that every minute or two he would look at me and ask what happened. I would tell him he was in a bike crash and then the cycle would start all over. Sadly, the picture below doesn't showcase just how bad he was beat up.
 He had a head scan and thankfully everything turned out negative. We ended with only having a broken finger, beat up face, concussion, and he lost one of his permanent front teeth. It could have been much worse! Kason was a trooper the entire time and stayed calm. I was really sad that this happened exactly one week before school and was nervous for him to start a brand new school with a face so beaten up with a black eye. God miraculously healed his face so that you could hardly tell! 
 I think one of the best parts of August was that Daniel started his sabbatical. He's been in ministry for 13 years and Westover gave him 6 weeks off paid vacation. This man of mine selflessly decided to take it as I started back at work so it could ease our transition. He pitched in taking care of kids, cooking, helping me get my room ready, taking kids to therapy and Dr appointments...just about anything I needed help with. He was only home one full week with the kids, so he had 5 weeks of days completely to himself to relax and rejuvenate. So thankful for a church who realizes that ministry is all encompassing and chooses to take care of their ministers. I'm even more thankful for a husband who works hard for his family and faithfully loves us.