Friday, April 14, 2017

Daddy/Daughter Dance...

Zoe has been asking Daniel for awhile now when they were going to get married and go dancing :). He was so excited to escort her to the Daddy/Daughter dance at Westover last weekend. Zoe was thrilled to get a mani/pedi with Nana the day before, have a makeover with real makeup, and have a fancy up-do. We decided on a side braid that went into a low, side pony tail with a huge flower...she was simply gorgeous!
 Daddy even got dressed up to take her out for a night on the town!
This girl right here felt so, so special. She was all smiles as she loaded the car, delicately waved goodbye, then blew me a kiss...
The group met for dinner before dancing the night away!
 These two melt my heart...
Zoe is so fortunate to have such a Godly man to love her and treat her right, while Daddy is blessed to have a sweet spirited daughter that brings so much life to our home. I look forward to watching their relationship blossom throughout the years!

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