Saturday, December 31, 2016

Maddux Family Christmas

This year for Christmas it was our turn with the Maddux side...yay! Unfortunately both my parents were working on Christmas Day, so my sister and I decided to come for the week before Christmas during their time off. We had a blast! Mimi had these kids all kinds of holiday fun ready for them when we got there! First up...our Maddux annual tradition...
decorating sugar cookies!
After cookies and a day of playing around the house, Mimi and Doc let the kids loose on opening their presents since they were itching to rip some paper!
I think Max might have been the most excited about our cousin "pajama" shot, hehe! This kid loves him some couch bouncing...
Of course all these little munchkins were spoiled rotten by their grandparents.
Kason got "man" things like a new camp chair and a really cool tent/fort kit you make out of sticks. He also got a spooner board which is something he's been eyeing for awhile.
I wondered just how much he would actually use it because he already has a skate board...

but let's just say this thing is a family favorite! You will most likely always find one of our kids playing on it around the house.
The girls were decked out with dolls!
Zoe was really excited to get a doll with long hair :).
She even got a scooter and was perfect!
The next day was a guy/girl day...the guys went golfing while us ladies went to a fabulous play.
 We did our nails, our make up, our hair, and add a dash of jewelry to make sure we were gorgeous for the show!
We can't thank Mimi enough for loving us so well! All of us had so much fun!
 This was little lady's second play to attend and I think she liked it even more than the first time.
 We even let Max tag along with us and he enjoyed the songs from the show.
 So proud of Zoe because last play we went to she was nervous meeting the cast, but this time she was itching to meet Fancy Nancy and Jojo! She loves Fancy Nancy books, so this play was right up her alley and absolutely precious.
Aunt Shaye bought the girls books to have signed by everyone...they all felt so special!
Later that day when we met back up, these kids couldn't wait to get outside and try out their new gear thanks to Aunt Shaye!
Both Kason and Zoe have been asking about playing soccer and the Dodson family is more seasoned in the soccer area, so they helped us out!
Of course Kason had to try out his new moves...
While Max pretty much wants to be in one spot...
 Doc's lap with his youTube kids! While also hanging around the house, we did nails...
 and Mimi & I played beauty shop several times braiding hair.
One evening, Mimi gave everyone their own gingerbread house to make...
Then she put them all together to make a fun!
The last day we were there, we decided to take the kids ice skating. Kason has been one time before, but the girls hadn't been on ice yet. They loved it!
I knew Zoe wouldn't be crazy about real ice skates, so I put her on these little trainers. That girl had the best time! She spent most of it in the little kids area, but she joined the big ice a few times too.
Kason was a wild man and just went everywhere!
Sophie wasn't in love with skating, but she enjoyed hanging out with me and Doc!
We all took turns hanging out with Max...
While Aunt Shaye, Uncle Bryan, and Daniel skated with the kids.
My favorite was watching all three skating together!
Thanks Mimi and Doc for an incredible week together of holiday cheer.
It's safe to say these cousins had loads of fun and are grateful not just for the gifts, but for the generosity of love that you shower over your family! We love you.

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