Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Train Stop Four...

I finally pulled into the station of my Christmas Train Express on Friday morning for Kason's Christmas party! Now, Brentwood Christian is all about the class parties and this one lasted from 8:45-12:00. The 2nd grade tradition is to have a pancake breakfast. As a room mom, I sent out a sign up for food and volunteers...these parents were amazing! They were little worker bees making sure everything ran smoothly and the kids ate well :).   
 As you can see, these boys had no problem filling up! At one point my son had mounds of sausage on his plate while his buddy Solis had a huge dollop of whip cream (sans pancake) and chocolate chips.
 While the parents cleaned up, the teachers took the kids outside to play a few festive games before heading back to the classroom to make an ornament craft.
 My boy here loves him some crafts, so this was right up his alley. He ended up making an ornament for me, Daniel, and Zoe which are all proudly hanging on our tree.
 I have this incredible Christmas book Mimi gave us a couple years ago that has Santa interact with the kids. It is so much fun and the kids loved it when Mrs. Patterson read to them!
 The final activity was their puzzle exchange to the reading of the left/right Night Before Christmas story.
Mrs. Patterson made all the kids their own scarves which was perfect for this cold front that blew in!
 This stage of school is really fun to see Kason interact with his friends and get to know their little personalities better.
 They definitely keep things lively for Mrs. Patterson each day!
 This week was joyous and busy, but I'm not going to lie about being thrilled to spend two weeks at home with my little family. Here's to no alarms, sleeping in, lazy holidaze, and family Christmas traditions!

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