Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day...

Kason has been asking for years for us to spend Christmas at home. All he wanted was for Santa to come down his chimney, sleep in his own bed, and wake up on Christmas morning at home. This year we were finally able to gift him his wish! We came home from Mimi and Doc's house, to immediately gear up for the big day. Since Nana and Pops were alone this year and we were too, we invited them to join us. When Nana got there I put her to work helping us make gingerbread cookies for Santa!
 I'm not best at decorating, but it sure was fun!
 Nana's were precious as usual. Of course the other fellas just hung out!
 Westover does a Christmas Eve service every year and we have yet to join I was ecstatic to be a part! I dressed everyone up, we ate a super nice dinner at Maggiano's, before heading to church. Everyone even obliged this picture loving momma since they were all gorgeous!
 The service was really good. My favorite highlights were when the kids went on stage to help sing songs...
 then we had a candlelit portion at the end.
After worship, we drove around looking at Christmas lights before heading home to open our Christmas Eve gift...
 our annual Christmas pajamas! Pops read us the Night Before Christmas...
 the kids sprinkled their reindeer food...
 and then Kason and Zoe made sure everything was just right for Santa!
It was nice and relaxing having Christmas at home. The kids, even though wiggly with excitement, went to sleep easily. I will say that I missed being with sisters and cousins...I've gotten so used to kids running around that it was much calmer this year. These kids didn't care though!
 They might have been sleepy, but they will filled with excitement to see if Santa brought their wish!
 This year Kason asked for a video game system (he's actually wanted one for a couple years, but we've put it off). After research, Santa decided on a Wii U because it has several parental controls and  is the most kid friendly. This has ended up being a fun gift for the whole family! 
Zoe asked for an Elsa bike. Santa came through big for her and she is loving it!
 This year Santa did a little something different for Max, he took him to a little toy store and let him play with several toys. The toy Max played with the most is what he got!
 It was 100 percent Max approved :)! Christmas morning was really relaxing. We took our time opening presents since we were a small group and didn't have loads. We even stopped after Santa gifts to enjoy breakfast tacos together. A few highlights from the morning was my incredible gift from my loves! Daniel took them to the jewelry bar and the kids customized this ring for me. Daniel said they were so proud and just knew I was going to love the yellow stone since that is my favorite color :). Precious!
 Of course I'm not the only girl in this family who loves her some jewelry!
I love this picture of Max telling Nana and Pops thank you for his sweet!
This year the siblings all went in together for the grandparents and were able to get everyone big gifts...
but we also had fun with each of them opening a little something on their own too!
 In Clayton tradition, the kids also got their need gift which was books this year all tailored to their interests.
 Daniel picked out the family gift for all three...
 and it is all kinds of fun! It's an inflatable lounger we can use around the house or when camping.
This year was a lot of fun for me because the kids all and serious ideas about what they were getting everyone. Kason especially was so proud of buying his dad some new knives :).
After a lazy morning together, we cleaned up, decorated, and started cooking our big Christmas lunch. Our friends, the Mullens, were by themselves this year so we invited them to join us. So I had a kid table...
 and an adult table...
 and of course a dessert table with apple pie, coconut cream pie, and homemade candy (Martha Washington's, peanut butter cups, peppermint bark)!
 While waiting on the feast, Zoe and Max danced with their daddy!
 I adore capturing simple moments like these that just fill my kids hearts with joy. 
 Our feast was scrumptious (seriously, Daniel made the most delectable beef tenderloin)...but the company was even better!
 Kason even had Aidan give him a few pointers on the Wii!
 I would say our first Christmas at home was really relaxing and enjoyable.
 It was fun to do something a little different this year, but still be able to spend time with those that we love!

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