Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Train Stop Two...

Next up...Max's Christmas party at school! When Zoe and I got there, the group was already exploring know since these Texas kids don't get to experience the real thing :). As you can witness by Max's face, he didn't love it, ha! Zoe ended up taking his tub and having fun.
 Mrs. Burleigh being the awesome teacher she is made him some jingle bells to play with instead. She knows our boy well!
 Zoe had a lot of fun playing with the kids in Max's class. There are 6 total and let's just say it's an interesting crew. There are a couple students she doesn't quite know how to interact with, but I was so proud of her for trying.
When asking Mrs. Burleigh how I could help with the party, she was excited for the students to decorate their own cookies. So, I made several sugar cookies in a variety of shapes, had icing and sprinkles, and with a little assistance these munchkins had fun!
 My favorite part was when Zoe and Max worked together to put icing on his cookie. He was super proud of himself and loved her helping :).
 I then put sprinkles in his hand and he would turn it over to dump them on the cookie. I think his cookie looked good thanks to our team work!
 Well, that was until he picked up the plate to throw the cookie across the room...little stinker!
The final activity of his party was a piñata!!! His class has spent this month studying various holiday traditions and a piñata was part of one celebration. What a day of festive fun before our next stop!

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