Friday, September 9, 2016

Little Lady's Turn at School!

Our sweet girl has been waiting patiently for her turn to head to school! Oh, it has been so hard on her and she has definitely had moments where she felt left out since both boys are going full time. One morning after we dropped them off, I took her shopping and let her have fun splurging on an outfit for her first day! We had an absolute blast together and I must say, my little punky brewster styled herself adorably! She loves her some tutus, tall funky socks, and sparkle shoes!
The morning of her first day, I couldn't make her lunch quick enough because she was ready to go! Zoe melted my heart when she told me that she wants to throw tea parties when she's grows up... cute is that?!? Plus, so her! Since we had a few extra minutes, I thought I would capture this spunky, fun loving gal of mine!
 Zoe is obsessed with her baby lit books...
 they are by far her fav and I adore that her top pick is already Pride and Prejudice!
 Of course Zoe confidently walked on into class like it was no big deal and was all excitement about her friends arriving to play with her! I love that she is at Westover so that she can go to school with her Daddy :).
 After I picked her up, we had a mommy/daughter date with some frozen yogurt before heading to the boys school. Let's just say, this was serious business that day...ha!
 I think the cutest thing ever was how excited she was to have homework that night! She always tries to create homework for herself while Kason does his every day, so she was beside herself and kept talking all about needing to make sure she gets her homework done :). Mrs. Tamara gave each student a white bag and told them to grab five items that represents them...that would show her a little bit about their personality.
 I believe Zoe's picks were spot on: she loves her baby lit books, tea parties, styling hair, dolls & princesses, and blocks to "build big, tall towers". Let's just say school was meant for this social bug of mine...
She loves stylin' herself, helping pack her lunch, and heading out to school with her brothers!

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