Friday, September 9, 2016

Zoe's Meet the Teacher...

I was so excited to share about little lady's first day, that I forgot all about her meet the teacher! Let's be real honest here, meet the teacher was probably just as high of a priority to her as the first day. I think for Zoe it helped her see tangibly that school really wasn't just a figment of her imagination or from our conversations, but that it was really happening for her too.
 I forget how much I love having my little side kick with me everyday while the boys are at school, that I'm really going to miss this gal!
 It does my momma heart good to know how much Zoe loves school and being around friends. I especially love this year the incredible teacher, Mrs. Tamara, that Zoe has!
She is spunky and cool...I mean, she sent all the kids a video of her in a mermaid tale jumping into the pool to welcome them back to school! Yep, she is super fun!
 When Zoe got to her new class to explore, Mrs. Tamara had a few stations set up for them. She got to take her picture for the door, find her name in every spot around the room, answer a question on her big board, and draw her family...
 She was so proud of drawing all five of us...belly buttons and all, haha! {Max is yellow on the right side of the page, he's hard to see.} Of course Zoe's favorite part of the day was getting to see her friends from church and playing...
My gorgeous brown eyed girl is a rockstar and is going to do incredible this year! I love watching her shine in her element and am secretly glad that her school days are still short so I get in a little extra time with her :).

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