Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer Adventures #weekeleven

Last week brought the end of our summer break for this fun loving Clayton Crew! Daniel and I had all kinds of ideas for the last few days, but all this wet weather pretty much cancelled everything. Oh well, we just rolled with it and made the best of our last lazy days together. 

Daniel took off work so he could spend an extra day loving on our munchkins. We took them to play at Catch Air which they all three loved!
We hadn't ever been to Catch Air before and wasn't sure what to expect. It was actually a pretty big place with loads to do...
 from bouncy houses, to slides, to jungle gyms, to ball pits...
 to dance floors that Max especially loved!
This was the perfect rainy day place and will be a go to place again. In fact, after lunch Daniel went back home with Max for quiet time while I took the other two back for more fun! I think the kids ended up playing around 4-5 hours there total that day

Still another rainy day, so we enjoyed one of our last days to sleep in and snuggle {errr} wrestle...
Apparently at one point these two were on a stake out and Max was the unsuspecting offender. 
Watch out there because when you put a gun in this girls hands, things get, haha!
 This girl is such a hoot right now and I'm loving it! She decided that Batman and Elsa needed to get married...
 and I'm guessing Spiderman and Captain America were the attendants :). We even played twister together and Max even tried to get in on the action!
 Let's just say this momma isn't quite as flexible as these rascals are!

Meet the teacher and supply drop off for Kason!
Of course I'll have another blog gushing all about this way too cool 2nd grader. Since Kason is an old pro at this school gig, we didn't do much to prepare the night before besides hang out and chow down on his favorite meal, spaghetti and meatballs.

First Day of School for Kason! 
 This big guy was beyond excited and ready for the year to start again. Little lady on the other hand was a little sad to see her big bro leave for the day. I was able to bring a little smile to her face when she helped me make our annual back to school brownies...

Kason had a great couple of first days, these other two wild ones managed to not miss him too terribly...
 Dad was gone all weekend for an elder retreat, so we tried to make do indoors with all this wet weather. On Saturday, I got the supplies out for the kids to make graffiti artwork with silly string!
 Max was definitely not impressed with it, haha!
While we weren't able to end our summer adventures with a big bang like I hoped for, I think it turned out to be even better...a restful week at home together. Our summer was jam packed with fun, travels, it was nice ending on a calm note. While I'm sad to not see this goofy face for as long each day...
I'm super excited to see how the year unfolds for him and to watch him conquer 2nd grade! I'm also beaming with excitement as this fella heads of to kinder...
To say he loves school is an understatement, so I'm pumped for him to get back into a rhythm with a schedule. I'll also secretly anticipate picking him up each day as his eyes alight with excitement to see me and he can't seem to get to me fast's one of my favorites! As for little lady, well this silly girl...
will be my side kick again for the year! Although she has a full plate herself with preschool, mom to mom at church, and hopefully gymnastics! As our summer adventures come to a close, I say bring on the school year! This Clayton Crew is ready to learn, make new friends, and make some memories...while this momma can hardly stand the wait of the approaching holidays, eeek!

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