Friday, June 3, 2016

School's Out for Summer!

Man oh man...we have been counting down the days to summer at the Clayton Casa! No more early mornings, long commutes to Austin, packing lunches, homework, studying for tests, working on projects...bring on sleeping in, lazy days, no schedules, vacation, family time, and fun in the!
 While we love us some Brentwood Christian School, we also love us some summer break :). Although, I will say it was a super sad day to say goodbye to this AMAZING teacher...
 Mrs. Burcham! I can't even begin to describe my love and appreciation for her. She took Kason this year under her wing, a struggling student who liked school for friends, but not for learning and turned him around! He absolutely loves to learn, has become a vorocious reader at home, and has regained his confidence again. I cannot speak highly enough about Mrs. Burcham. She is structured, calm, encouraging, and loved our little man so much. There were times where she even talked me out of getting on to him after a rough day at school...ha! This amazing woman will always hold a piece of my heart for giving me my fun-loving son back, the one who is confident in who he was created to be, and who has nurtured the love of God right alongside Daniel and I. I had the privilege of being homeroom mom this year {which I loved!} and I was super excited to gift this scrapbook from the class to our rockstar teacher today! I had each student fill out a thank you card about their favorites from the year along with a scattering of pictures from the entire year...such fun memories!
One thing Kason will greatly miss this summer are his buddies! He has made really great friends at BCS and I know he will be itching to see everyone come August. Thankfully there are only two classes per grade, so he will have several of his buddies in class again next 2nd grade, what?!? 
Kason only had a half day today, so when we picked him up we had a little end of school celebration since this family loves to party :). We took the kids on a BIG time treat to {free} bowling courtesy of Mel's Bowling Kids Summer Program...
 These bowling cuties had a blast!
 We did spoil them with one surprise before we left...
we put just a few dollars on an arcade card! Boy would you think we put hundreds on it for the loads of excitement these munchkins had...haha!
 What an amazing school year this has been! Kason has grown leaps and bounds this year and I look forward to seeing the way he reaches up to conquer the challenging goals of 2nd grade. But first...summer lovin' fun!

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