Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I Flip for Gymnastics!

For Zoe's birthday, we gifted her with gymnastic classes and a leotard....so today she had her very first class! She was thrilled to say the least to put on her leotard and head to "her gym" as she refers to it. Daniel and I had shown her a few you tube videos so she would be aware of what she was going to, but I don't think she quite understood. Nevertheless, she was pumped and could hardly wait to start :).
 This girl is our "let's do this" kid. She doesn't mind leaving me and jumping right into the mix of whatever is going on. I was excited to see how easily she picked up where the other kids were. (The class has been going on for a few weeks already so we are joining late...long story!)
 I stood behind a glass the entire time peaking in so I know the pictures aren't that great, but I couldn't help myself from documenting the day she fell in love! She was beyond ecstatic that someone gave her permission and purpose to be a bouncy ball and a spider monkey for a whole 45 minutes...
so let's just say, she was definitely in her own little paradise!
 She listened well and tried real hard to follow the instructions exactly as her coach explained them...
 Isn't she just the cutest little gymnast ever?!?
 I'm sorry that the pictures or blurry, but not only was I behind a glass I was also across the gym so I did the best I could. I still enjoy seeing her determination as she goes through the little gymnastic routines...
 We often call Zoe "spider monkey" because she is ALWAYS climbing and hanging off of something! So the rings and the bars were two of her favorite activities because she was allowed to let loose...
My favorite part of the experience might have been her bouncing out of the gym already asking if she could come back again before she even reached me!
I would definitely say gymnastics is a success in her books...and possibly mine too :). I already told Daniel I'm going to have a hard time letting her only go the 3 months we agreed upon for her birthday gift. I loved seeing the pure joy of our little lady flipping for gymnastics!

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  1. Love it! Looks like we have 2 gymnast in our family :)