Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer Lovin': Week 9...

Last week was another entertaining time at the Clayton Casa! Let's see how this week unraveled :)...

Make it Monday: Cloud Dough
We invited friends to come play Monday, so I made them cloud dough. This is a silky, moldable dough that is super soft and oh so fun! I put it in a bucket outside with sand toys and let the little rascals loose...

Tabernacle Tuesday: Gentleness & Patience
At the end of quiet time before the littles woke up, I did a lesson just with Kason. We got out one of his favorite games, Jenga and talked about being gentle vs. rough.
This was a great concrete lesson for him. It was easy for him to understand and correlate being gentle  physically with other people. We dove a little deeper in conversation as we discussed how we can show God's gentleness with others emotionally too...basically discussing how we can gently care for others in all that we do, not just working on not being too rough with his brother & sister. Of course, after our conversation we just focused on the game and the little stinker really pinned me in good, but then at the last minute just had to lose himself so he could watch the wall come tumbling down :)!
Once the kids got up from quiet time, we all had a lesson on patience. We listened to a song about Herbert the Snail which really drew Max in.
Love the chorus of this song: Have patience, have patience...Don't be in such a hurry...When you get impatient, you only start to worry...Remember, remember that God is patient, too...And think of all the times when others have to wait for you. We watched this song and sang it several times while we made our own Herbert snails...
As you mommas know, gentleness and patience are two fruits of the spirit we talk about ALL THE TIME...haha! So these were great reminders for us. 

Tuesday was also one of those days where we didn't leave the house at all (well, most of the week was really). Therefore, we spontaneously declared Tuesday Mickey Mouse Day! We are HUGE Disney fans around here...especially our beloved fact, it is Max's favorite show. We started out our day by putting together a puzzle which is one of little lady's favorite past times...
Then, we moved on to one of Kason's favorite past We played a Disney twister game...
 which produced loads of giggles! We followed the game with one of mom's favorite activities, having her littles in the kitchen with her. Kason, Zoe, and I used leftover goodies we had from her birthday weekend to whip up some Mickey Mouse cookies!
Our last stop on the Mickey Mouse train was to enjoy a Mickey Mouse episode with Max since it's his favorite!
 Yes, I even treated the kids to eating in front of the TV which is usually a no go in this home :).

Wet Wednesday: turned into Friends Day
Our sweet friends the Pimentel's invited us over to play and we couldn't resist the invite, so we forwent the water day for a play day!
 These two could definitely be mistaken as sisters and were precious the whole time for not just changing dress clothes a bazillion times, but also calling each other sister the whole time!

Thinking Thursday: was Zoe's 3rd Birthday
Post to come of this crew celebrating our favorite little lady as she turned 3!

Family Fun Friday: Hawaiian Falls Waterpark
Kason received money for his kindergarten graduation to go towards a fun summer activity/experience. We have been so busy that we hadn't gotten around to it, so Daniel and I visited with Kason and made a plan. He really wanted to go to a waterpark, but with the littles being too small to really do much there...we decided on them just have a guys day.
Of course I don't have a single picture from Daniel, but these two had a blast together spending the day cooling off on water slides, a lazy river, wave pool, and splash pads! Another fabulous week in the books!

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  1. We LOVE the Herbert song! Jenga is a brilliant pairing with that! Love it! Can't believe these summer weeks are dwindling down! :/