Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cinco de Mayo...Ole!

When Kason got home yesterday from school, we turned the mariachi music on and began our Mexican fiesta...ole! I explained briefly the history of Cinco de Mayo while the kids made sombreros...
and Max disassembled his hat in order to bang and throw his pieces around...
 What can I say? All our singing, dancing, and shouting of Ole! just kind put us in a spunky mood :). I made special cookies for after dinner, but the kids snacked on mustaches while we did our activities...
 I think the funniest part of our fiesta was how much Kason LOVED the mariachi music...haha!
 We had to take an intermission to go to swim lessons (hence their swimsuits in pictures) and the first thing he asked was for me to turn the music back on. Of course, we had to create our own little band with homemade maracas...
we filled an easter egg with rice, placed it inside two spoons, then let the kids wrap tape around it. Max is already the master at maracas in our house, so he loved this activity...ole!
Our last craft to help set the mood was to make Mexican Tissue Flowers which is a tradition dated back for 200 years of paper crafting.
Kason really got into making these flowers and I'm thinking we will be revisiting this craft again! 
 Our family normally has a large Mexican fiesta for dinner, but Daniel and I actually had a couple coming over for dinner & premarital counseling after the kids went down for bed. Therefore, I made the kids a more tex-mex dish of quesadillas and let them enjoy their special treat...
 Sombrero pinata cookies! When the kids bit into their cookies, m&ms came out...ole!
Zoe was the cutest trying to figure out where the m&ms came from!
 This fiesta lovin', mariachi band dancing, ole! shouting family hopes you had just as much festive Cinco de Mayo fun as we did!

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  1. Ours was not nearly as fun as yours :( Sadie was at school yesterday & I was busy getting ready for our last day of MOPS, which was today. And last night Bryan & I have a political dinner we had to attend so the girls were with a babysitter & our dinner was at a steakhouse - they could have at least had it at a mexican food restaurant!