Friday, May 1, 2015

Best Grandparents EVER...

Daniel and I feel so incredibly fortunate that our children get to experience the joy of having incredible grandparents. No really, I almost want sing "our grandparents are better than your grandparents" because that is just how crazy amazing they all four are. 
 Our three munchkins are beyond blessed to have active grandparents who consistently meet them on their level and play, play, play.
 We adore how hands on they are! The kids aren't just spoiled with physical gifts, but with one-on-one attention and an overwhelming amount of love.
 Mimi, Doc, Nana, and Pops all get outside with our munchkins and not just allow them to be kids, but they join in on the fun. You will often see them giggling up a storm together...
reading, coloring, playing games, watching movies snuggling, having tea parties, and even working with them in areas of growth...
 They don't hesitate to be zany and have a little fun like painting Kason's thumbs so that he would have alien eyes :)!
They don't hesitate to find a way to drop everything and come help us when needed. They are all selfless...they spoil, pamper, and love our kids without boundaries!
 Oh, the amount of times we hear "I wanna talk to ...", "I wanna go see ...", "When is ... coming back for a visit"! Daniel and I cherish these words and simply adore the bonds that are being made.
I've once heard it said that the only thing better than having you as parents, is my kids having you as grandparents! So thank you Mimi, Doc, Nana, and Pops for pouring your heart and soul into our children. For nurturing them, disciplining them, playing with them, loving them, and most importantly always being there for them. Daniel and I look forward to the memories that our munchkins will share with you!

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