Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Frozen on Ice...

This past weekend, the kids and I headed to Mimi and Doc's house to meet up with Aunt Shaye and cousins, Sadie & Sophie. My mom spoiled the grands by snagging them tickets to see Frozen on Ice {insert squeals here}! Friday night when we got there, we surprised Aunt Shaye with a mini 35th birthday party...
We treated Shaye (and the kids!) to homemade cake and Bluebell Ice Cream. Their favorite part of course was blowing out the candles and helping open the gifts...
 The next morning the grands woke up to a Frozen Breakfast before the big event!
I love, love how thoughtful Mimi is...she had sent the kids a Frozen invitation with their Valentine's card along with money for a frozen bahama bucks treat, then she had Frozen coloring goodies for when they arrived, and she even had Frozen plates/cups for the much fun! Yep, this Mimi is awesome!
 Another super special treat for the little ladies was that Mimi found them sparkly, cape Elsa dresses so they could dress for the occasion (like every other precious little lady there)...
Oh, how beautiful they looked and felt! They were even spotted twirling at various times of the day :). I also have to say that I appreciate all the grandparents so much because they are so willing to include Max in everything, even when he may not participate as much as the other kids.
Max only watched small portions of the show, but he still had a great time and I choose to believe he enjoys being a part of the group rather than being left at home. Mimi was able to get us incredible seats where Max was on the handicap row above us and then our row was right below. It worked out great for Mimi and I to take turns with Max and for the kids to have space to wiggle around and even dance.
 I think the cutest thing was how mesmerized the kids were during the performance. At the beginning they wouldn't sing or dance because they were in a trance just watching and taking everything was adorable!
 After intermission and a concession stand lunch, the kids came alive. Of course Aunt Shaye and I were singing to and may have even swayed to the music just a bit :).
 So completely thankful and appreciative to Mimi for spoiling our little Frozen loves!
I know my munchkins wouldn't have had this experience if it wasn't for you. All of us had a fabulous weekend "Letting It Go" together!

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  1. I literally just downloaded my Frozen pics & was about to do the same blog! But I hadn't seen that picture of us blowing out the candles on the cake & it cracked me up - every single kid has a completely different look on their face & it made me laugh :)