Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Playhouse!

Around the Clayton Casa, we work on fostering a love for pretend play and the outdoors. We believe that children learn and grow when role playing and living in their imaginations. We also believe it is valuable for all of us to spend time outdoors as much as possible. So when we can combine these two, it's a pretty awesome collision!
 For Christmas, Mimi and Doc treated the kids to a new playhouse! The weather has been awful, but since it finally cleared up and we are enjoying warmer, sunny days...Daniel went to work.
 I can't even express to you how pumped these munchkins are!
 Little momma has already been busy cooking dinner and making phone calls to her grandmothers :)...
 While Kason felt it was important to fix up the flowerbeds...hehehe! He picked grass from the yard, carefully filled the window boxes, then decided we needed to decorate with rocks...
 I'm telling you, there has been no prompting from us (I snuck around with my camera taking action shots)...just their sweet imaginations already taking flight!
 Kason even asked for our outside chalk to label and mark their territory :).
He also had to create a sign to decorate the indoors!
I even made lunch for them to share at their picnic table :).
I can already tell we are going to be spending hours out here soaking up the sun and getting a little "work" done!

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  1. So glad y'all finally got it put together! We have been enjoying the outdoors also, in fact the girls played on the swing set for the first time yesterday. By the way, I wonder if our playhouses were made by the same manufacturer because the kitchen looks identical inside.