Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fort Day!

It's cold and drizzling outside, Dad is away at meetings all day, beds need to be made and floors swept, there are dishes in the sink...but the kids and I are throwing it back today as we claimed today as National Fort Day in our home!
In honor of my childhood (thanks mimi and doc!), I made the kids cinnamon sugar toast like my mom used to then we built a fort! Kason thought it was so fun and kept asking questions about what all I remember doing as a kid...he loves making connections from when Daniel and I were his age :).
The kids were in serious excitement mode as they ran upstairs to grab the goods for inside...
and yes, Kason had to grab his books, toys, and pillows so he would be "set for the day" :)!
After playing for a little bit, they even asked for a movie to snuggle up to.
And in case you ever wondered, we have now mastered the art of picking our nose around here :)...
just keeping it real folks...this is what life with toddlers is all about. As for Max, well this was about as close as he was getting...
one good snuggle up to the tent, one pop of his head inside to check it out, then he was done. He's a happy camper to just play his maraca on the outside :).
 This my friends is what childhood is made of! Some of the most precious memories in life are completely free, old school, and oh so fun!

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