Sunday, September 14, 2014

Grandparents Day...

I absolutely love elementary school days. I don't know, maybe it's the teacher in me, but there are so many perks to elementary school. It seems there are always some fun activity or event going on to livin' up the week. Yes, I know there is the drag of testing and over testing, but elementary teachers are usually so good at ramping up the learning fun. One super fun perk of being a big kid in school and living closer to family is Grandparents Day! Kason was beaming that both Mimi & Doc drove up for up for the day to bring him lunch and eat with him...
My parents said he was a little shy, but super duper excited about them being there...what a treat! I let Max's teacher know ahead of time that my parents would be there, so she came and got them from the lunch room when Kason was finished and brought them to her classroom to see Max. They got a tour of the room, they got to meet the other students & teachers, and Max even got excited when he heard their voices (yep, he knew who they cool, right?).
What a neat experience for the boys to share their joy of school with their grandparents and for Mimi & Doc to be able to see first hand what all they keep hearing about from us. We absolutely love our school and look forward to many more grandparents days to come...hopefully Nana & Pops can join us too one year!

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  1. That is another blessing of living closer to family. I know it meant just at much to Mom & Dad as it did to your boys :)