Saturday, March 3, 2012

Monster Mash...

I've reported several times that I am loving Kason's new imaginative play, but I keep forgetting to write about one of my favorite parts...
his spooky monsters! An imaginary friend, Gwinch, came to visit our house in January. When I was visiting with Kason one day about it, he told me that the Gwinch lives in Sangueo, California...who knows where that is! Gwinch only comes to our house occasionally and absolutely never sleeps here, he always goes home. He likes to come scare Kason, so if you drop by our house you may see Kason and I army crawling or tip toeing around the house so the Gwinch doesn't see us! Once in awhile Kason tells me to watch out while I'm driving because monsters are attacking our car! This funny guy will hug and tell the Gwinch he loves him every now and then, but mostly likes to giggle and run from him as well as the other monsters. Too funny!

Little man turns 3 (or 13 as he told his Aunt Michelle) this week and we are so excited getting everything ready for his big day! I look forward to see what other ways Kason's imaginary play brings to our house this next year!

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