Friday, March 2, 2012

Mini-Me of Harry Potter...

The cutest little four eyes around is our Mr. Max who is now a proud owner of some super cool frames! We have been seeing an opthamologist since he came home from the NICU, but the doctor had a really difficult time diagnosing Max since his optic nerves were so badly damaged from his brain hemorrhage. Over the past few weeks his right eye started turning in while his left eye stayed straight, so as his eyes continued to persist we ended up seeing our opthamologist sooner than planned and had a CT scan to see if it might be the shunt. Luckily, his eyes won and his shunt is working properly meaning no more surgery right now, just a cute little fella with glasses!
Maxers tried on a few pairs, but they were all a little big on him...but still just too adorable!
At one point he was trying to figure out how to pull them off, but ended up yanking off his oxygen...which I keep telling him is not such a good idea, but he doesn't always listen to this momma...which isn't looking good for my future! :)
I am all about accessorizing, so I was so excited to pick out some trendy little frames to stylize Max in. Unfortunately because he is extremely farsighted and needs coke bottle glasses, we had to go with a more traditional round frame so he could learn to look through them and not over them. He was diagnosed with several things, but since the vision world is so new to me I'm not quite sure I even understand all of it! Although, one thing I'm sure of is Mr. Max looks precious in his winning frames...
I'm thinking he is trendy in his own way...maybe even channeling a little Harry Potter!?!

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