Monday, January 30, 2012

Spare change anyone?

When Daniel and I decided to add a few additions to our family of two, we just didn't quite understand what we were getting into. The blessing of children in our lives has been one of undefinable joy! We both knew that it would be fun, but nobody quite explained just what an amazing adventure children would has surpassed all of our expectations and we simply adore being parents. Both of our boys have been miracle babies in our book, but their births brought along a mixture of emotions along with the joy. Daniel and I are very private people. We don't always share what is really happening within our lives with everyone...especially in regards to our favorite little men, we tend to shield how much information is passed on to others during critical situations. Therefore, most people don't quite know the difficult journey these past three years have been on our family along with all the joy. Preeclampsia has greatly effected the Clayton Crew and since there is no known cause for it, Daniel and I feel very strongly about raising donations for research and education for other moms. Over the next couple of months, I plan on sharing my story of how preeclampsia directly effected me during my deliveries and how it almost took my life, along with the survival stories of both our boys. I also hope I can talk Daniel into sharing his story of what it is like as a husband and father to nearly lose all three of us. While our family's story is one of joyous blessings, other families have ended in tragedy with loss of the mother and/or baby due to preeclampsia.

I am excited that both of our families are supporting the Clayton Crew and joining us in our first preeclampsia walk in May. My prayer is that through our family's testimony that we will be able to raise $800 for the Preeclampsia Foundation. If you happen to have any spare change and would love to help donate...go to the Promise Walk button on the top right of our blog and it will direct you to a page where you can share the would be greatly appreciated!

Be on the look out for further statistics about preeclampsia and the entire Clayton Crew God has blessed our family with the addition of two little warriors with incredible strength!

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