Sunday, August 7, 2011

These are a Few of His Favorite Things...

when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when Kason is feeling sad, one quick facetime to his favorite friends and then he doesn't feel so bad! Daniel and I can't deny the love Kason has for his grandparents. Even when we talk about them, he starts smiling real big! We try to facetime, talk on the phone, and show Kason pictures of them often since he doesn't get to see them all the time. Therefore, what could be more fun for Kason than having grandparents come visit along with having new baby brother home!
Max also enjoyed a little one-on-one time...
Of course both boys were spoiled rotten thanks to their grands, but of course Kason isn't complaining about it...he is all giggles!
Even though I have to suffer through the dreaded "Where Nana and Pops go?" or "Where Mimi and Doc go" a million times, it is worth it to see the smile these grandparents put on Kason's face! I just have a funny feeling that Mr. Max will beam with joy when we mention their names as well. I don't think these two boys could be any more fortunate to have such fabulous grandparents!

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