Thursday, August 4, 2011

That's My Man...

This past weekend Daniel raced in Crested Butte's Alpine Odyssey. It is a 62 mile course mountain bike race in Colorado that had to be completed within 9 hours and my hubby did it in seven!!! Not too bad for his first time.
Daniel has raced in several rides, but this is his biggest race that he has ever competed in. The race was difficult because when he trains it is obviously in the vast flat lands of Lubbock, but he took on the mountains and altitude no sweat...well maybe just a little along with exhausted legs due to all those climbs!
A big surprise that was announced at a meeting the night before the race was that Lance Armstrong was riding in the race!
Of course Lance pretty much ditched everyone in the dirt, but it was still exciting for Daniel to ride in the same race as him. Daniel even got a spot in another race at the Leadville 100 in a couple of weeks. I so wish I could be there cheering him on like I always do, but I know that me and the boys will be there next year as his personal cheering section!
I could not be more proud or smitten by my handsome mountain man!

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