Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Heart Nap Time...

We have been home now as a family for nearly a month and I must confess something...I am exhausted! It is a joy to stay home with my guys, but I didn't quite realize how tiring watching two kids was compared to one...or should I say watching a baby along with a bundle of energy.
This little man is really turning into a pre-schooler not a toddler anymore. I even had to run to the store to buy him 3T play clothes this week...yes, you heard me right...3T! Can you believe it, he isn't even 2 1/2 yet! To go along with his growing size is his growing attitude. We are still dealing with his aggressive behavior of hitting and throwing things (please tell me this will end sometime!) and now we can add into the mix of him trying to tell us what to do...yes "trying" is the operative word. Of course you would never know because in true kid style, he saves all of his bad choices for home! I know Kason is trying to to figure out this whole independence thing, but I am beginning to think that time out may not be working quite as effectively as it was. Daniel and I also have to be careful to make sure he doesn't see us laughing after he has just made a bad choice. We usually look at each other and say, "Did he really just do that?" On the bright side of things he is still a really good and happy kid, just growing up...
Kason has fallen in love with cars and all transportation in general! We made a tent this week to play under and even had a picnic lunch...
I must also share with you that I love bible class at church. The other day we were reading one of his transportation books and when we were on the boat page, he said "Where is the ark?"
As for Mr. Max, well he is still chugging along fighting off the not so gentle love of Kason. Little siblings seem to become bullet proof thanks to their older siblings! Kason tries so hard to be calm and gentle, but he just gets too excited sometimes about Max...which in reality isn't a bad thing at all.
Max has a ton of appointments coming up in the next few weeks (audiologist, pulmonologist, neurologist, opthamologist, etc.) so I will keep you updated on what we find out. Please keep him (and us) in your prayers because he has been waking up screaming bloody murder in his sleep for several nights now and we aren't quite sure what that is about. All I know is that I heart nap time for all three of us!


  1. Kennedie has an attitude too lately..... not so fun.

    You guys will be in our prayers.

  2. Natalie, you inspire me!! Hope the dr. visits are all positive.