Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is it Saturday yet?

The Clayton's LOVE the weekends! Our life always seems crazy until Friday rolls around and we get to spend family time together which actually means playtime! Kason has been spoiled these past two weekends because he spent some extra playtime with his Aunt Shaye, Uncle Bryan, Aunt Michelle, and Uncle Daniel. (Sorry...I don't have a recent pic of Michelle and Daniel...I am on it though!)
Yes, Kason still loves to put his hands in his mouth along with everything else! He is starting to talk a lot more than his usual amount daily and his talking always consists of his fingers in his mouth for assistance. He is saying Mama (only when he is fussy and wants something...go figure) and Dada (which makes Daniel beam)! We are so excited he finally figured out the "d" sound. Kason is beginning to try to mimic us and even though he doesn't say it exactly, you can tell that he thinks he is talking back to you. He has recently started doing the most adorable thing, he tries to wave hello to everyone. He lifts his left arm/hand in the air and then sort of does a snapping motion with his is so funny. We are still working on saying and waving bye, I am sure he will pick that up before we know it.
Kason still LOVES to play more than anything. That is why we love the weekends so see him light up and smile. He is doing amazing with crawling. It has been enjoyable to walk from room to room and have him follow us. He will crawl to his room for a diaper change, to the bathroom for bath time, or to the kitchen to eat...he goes where you do!
I think the funniest development Kason has begun is dancing!!! Anytime he hears music or you begin singing to him...he shakes his is hilarious!!! He will smile real big, then wiggle and shake like he is grooving to the beat. What joy he brings to us daily!

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  1. Isn't it so much fun when you see their little personalities shine through!?!? I can't believe Kason's almost 1- He's so cute!!