Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lifeguards beware...

there is a terror on the loose! Tonight was Kason's first Waterbabies class! Excited is an understatement to what we experienced tonight with Kason. He was non-stop smiles, giggles, and splashes!!! We are going to video next week so you can experience the fun with us! Unfortunately the lighting wasn't great at the pool, so some of the pictures are a little dark...sorry! (Side note: Daniel and I are both participating in the swim lessons, but I had a hair appointment today and my "stylist" said that wasn't a good idea since my highlights could turn green...bummer for me. I have to admit that I almost had as much fun watching him, but I can't wait until next week when all of us can splash together as a family!)
We already are aware that Kason is super active, maybe almost over-active compared to some kids his age. His dietitian and occupational therapist comment often how he never stops moving. Tonight confirmed our suspicions...while the other kids were docile alongside their parents, Kason was laughing and splashing up a storm! The instructor could barely give directions because she couldn't stop laughing at him.

Kason is a natural in the water. He wasn't one bit scared! He was trying to dive off Daniel's chest and leap towards the open water.

The instructor sang songs with the parents and kids while swimming. For example, the parents would circle up and sing the "Wheels on the Bus" while swimming around and lifting them up and down, in and out of the water.

Showing off!!!

He was voted "Mr. Popular" from everyone there! The instructor told us she had never met a happier baby. Of course Daniel and I can't deny how charming he is!

Learning how to blow bubbles with Daddy! This was the only part of swim lessons that was a little difficult for Kason. He doesn't mind water splashing on him or being poured over his head, but it took him a few tries to decide if he liked having his face submerged in the water or not.

Kason trying to swim towards the toy so he can do his favorite thing...put it in his mouth! Once he grabbed it, Daniel would take it away and let it float away. Before you knew it, Daniel was barely holding on to him before he was leaping out of his arms to swim after the toy!

Daddy and Kason singing "Humpty Dumpty" and "Five Little Frogs" while jumping into the water.

Kason's swim mates!

All tuckered out after so much fun splashing around in the water!!! I can't deny that I secretly wish for Kason to be a football player, but we honestly may have a swimmer on our hands...look out Michael Phelps!


  1. Looks like he had such a blast! Really cute pictures...can't wait to see a video.

  2. Look out Michael Phelps indeed! How cute is he??? I love it! He may be a trier like his daddy.... just getting a head start on the swimming part of it. He can be your 3rd team member & do the swimming part!

  3. Ah, he is so cute Natalie! I can just imagine how you were beaming the whole time. Thank you for sharing so many pictures, I can't wait to see video and here those precious giggles too. What a fun class, and I'm glad your highlights didn't turn green. Love you.