Friday, July 3, 2009

Already Stubborn

I never imagined that Kason could already have such a dominate personality trait like being stubborn at such a young age. is exhausting sometimes because if he doesn't like what you are doing, he will let you know! He begins with a really sad whine while puckering out his bottom lip, progress to a cry, and then let loose with a full out scream which I call his temper tantrum. To be honest, I will sometimes giggle at him because he acts so mistreated when he works himself up like that! Kason has a small range of activities he enjoys...eating, being held, and laying on his tummy. Everyday I work with him to increase his variety of activities like laying on his back, relaxing in his bouncer, playing with him in my lap and depending on the day, you just never know what he might like. Recently, I have borrowed a swing from a friend to try with him since he is spending so much time on his tummy. His stubbornness sets in when first placed in the swing, but after he calms down from his progression to a full out scream he realizes, hey this isn't too bad after all! It is fun to watch him look around and then drift off to sleep peacefully rocking to and fro!


  1. I am so glad I got to see him the other night. He is precious.

  2. Oh, it must be so hard to be a baby!! NOT! Kason is looking less and less like a newborn and more and more like a baby. I love his sweet smile!