Friday, April 14, 2017

Lovin' This Life...

Friends, I'm not joking when I share with you how much I love my life and this tribe God has blessed me with. Now, in saying this, I'm not admitting to having perfect children with no struggles...because we have many obstacles to overcome as a family! But, I love my munchkins & my husband fiercely and we have adopted the philosophy to live life to the we do. All five of us live life abundantly and love to seize the day! These posts are usually my favorite to go back and look through because they capture what is happening in our everyday life. These pictures are always a combination of several months of moments that made me smile or a moment where I was proud. So I'll just let you take a walk through the joy of Kason, Max, and Zoe... 
Zoe was really wanting to make muffins on her own and was very specific about topping them with strawberries and blueberries :).
I love spending my days with little lady as my sidekick! 
I also love her flair of style and that she has fun putting different pieces together.
She also cracks me up with her hair dressing and make up ;)!
 I sadly don't get to spend as much time with Kason anymore since he is in school, but that is the natural progression of life and growing up. I do love when I get to pop in and see him do his thing!
 This was at PE one morning. Kason love, loves to be a helper around the house. Every Wednesday after school is our "help around the house day". They have to do the usual pick up everyday, but on Wednesday they have to do more house cleaning chores. Kason loves to do dishes...
 while little lady thinks its fun to vacuum...
Most days after school we just play once homework and snack is finished.
 I remember this one day Zoe kept talking about wanting a tea party with "Tason". So when we got home, he sweetly obliged her. He made them sandwiches while she set up!
These two are adorably good friends and have a blast together!
Kason has always been my little chef, so it's never a surprise to see him in the kitchen. 
My sweet Kason loves him some bible! It's not uncommon to find him reading scripture or asking us about it...
This kid also adores his daddy...he is hands down his hero and favorite person of all time!
 As for my Mr. Max, well he is rocking along as usual! He just adores patterns and routines, so once you teach him something he is really good at repeating it. When we go to therapy on Thursdays, he loves pushing all the buttons and is now able to do it without assistance!
 Little momma loves to help Max out too. 
 Max is definitely thriving in school right now. He is communicating better and really trying hard to repeat words. His word count is pretty small, but he is starting to understand the connection between pictures and words which is exciting!
 He even can cut with scissors!
 Little fella has had a hard time this school year with seizures. His class is a stressful environment and I've had to get him 4 times so far. While I love our snuggles and extra one-on-one time, it makes me sad to see his body struggle.
 This fella loves the outdoors! A friend gave us their old basketball goal and boy has it been a hit at our house. The kids are constantly out there shooting hoops...even Max!

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