Friday, April 14, 2017

Kason's Camping Party...

This year for Kason's birthday, he decided to forgo a big party and just go fun, right?! He chose one friend, Aidan, to invite along with grandparents (he told me we couldn't forget them!).
We chose to go to a Yogi Bear Jellystone Park in the Hill Country since the kids love their campgrounds full of activities. 
We made a sign, set up twinkly lights, and Kason even created our menu for the weekend :).
 Daniel and my parents went early on Friday and I brought the boys when they got out of school. That evening we had walking tacos...
 and smores of course!
 The boys stayed with Daniel & I in our PUP while Zoe and Max stayed with Mimi & Doc in a cabin. These boys LOVED it! They got to stay up late, giggling until they fell asleep. Saturday was the big day of fun! We woke up to enjoy Brown Bears (biscuit dough wrapped around a stick, cooked over the fire, then rubbed in butter, sugar, and cinnamon...yum!).
Then, the boys were off!
 These two rode bikes all over the campground and LOVED having a little slice of independence :). We also enjoyed a hay ride together... 
 bounce pillow...
we even had a craft time together...
and the boys played laser tag!
After lunch, Kason had a special visitor come sing him Happy Birthday!
 before we cut the cake and opened presents.
I made the cake per Kason's request...he was adamant he needed a camo tent, haha!
I had a sweet friend make Kason camping cookies that were adorable.
 They were a surprise and he thought they were so cool.
 Aidan was excited to share his love of Harry Potter with Kason and now he can hardly wait to read it together this summer.
Even Uncle Kent and Aunt Debbie stopped by for a little to celebrate with Kason!
When it warmed up later in the afternoon, the boys were off to hit the water.
Daniel and I had to head back home Saturday evening, so we took Aidan home...but our three munchkins got to stay an extra night in the cabin with Mimi & Doc! We all had an awesome time, but I think our birthday boy was the most thrilled.
Camping speaks to little man's heart and soul, so I loved spending the weekend sharing in his joy. Happy 8th Birthday Kason!

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