Saturday, March 25, 2017

Quick Ski Getaway...

I heard about this incredible little mountain getaway in Sipapu, New Mexico where if you purchase two adult lift tickets, you get a night free. Therefore, we loaded up this ham bone and went on a college style ski trip!
 You maybe wondering what that means, well...we left Sunday after church (drove 10 hours), skied Monday and Tuesday morning, then drove back Tuesday evening for school the next day...eeek!
 Like father like son, this little fella is an adrenaline junky too!
 I may not be very good and a certain someone may have already passed me up, but I love hitting the slopes with Kason!
 Another fun tidbit, this sweet couple Whitney and Andrew joined us on a little getaway...
it was so much fun having them there! You maybe wondering about our other two littles and they were in good hands hanging out at Mimi and Doc's house. In fact, Zoe was supposed to come skiing with us, I even had all her gear ready but she got so upset that Max was "getting to spend the weekend with Mimi & Doc and she wasn't" :). So on a whim, we let her stay too and she loved every minute...thanks for the help!

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