Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mommy School: January Edition...

Friends! I have been in so much trouble lately from little lady. We were driving in the car on the way home from pre-school and she gave me the saddest expression while talking about how we don't do mommy school anymore. She told me how much she loves it and asked if we could start again. My answer...of course! I feel so bad for the baby of the family because I get so busy with the boys' school and church obligations, that I have dropped the ball on our beloved mommy school. I knew I wouldn't have time to gather materials for a full on unit this month, but we have just been winging it with what we already have at home. So let's check out the few pictures I have :).
 Zoe is obsessed with the alphabet right now! 
She is trying so hard to assign all the letters names, tries to spell words, and loves writing or tracing her letters. Zoe knows about half the alphabet right now when correctly identifying, although she knows the names of all the letters. She loves playing with anything alphabet items I have at home like these locks were she has to match the lower and uppercase letters to unlock.
 I have been working on sounds with her and that of course has been harder since she doesn't fully know each letter. She still likes the challenge anyway :).
Little lady LOVES to spell out all the names in our family. She has the kids down, but is still working on mine and Daniel's.
 Zoe can identify the numbers 1-10 and can count to 50 all by her little self. She loves sequencing...
 Since Kason is working on large number addition and subtraction, Zoe has started to get interested. We have been working on small addition and subtraction problems. This particular day, she punched balls to subtract and counted the number of balls still intact to find the answer.
One day when the kids were out of school, we had some skittles left over from our dollar movie trip  so we did a science experiment I had seen circulating the internet. The kids' minds were blown and they loved it!
 Kason and Zoe circled up the skittles on the plate then made predictions on what would happen when I poured warm water to the center of the plate.
 Both were correct: Zoe predicted it would make a rainbow while Kason predicted the skittles would dissolve. We let the plate sit for awhile and the skittles did dissolve completely. Another must around our house when it is just Zoe and I home, is to practice our scissor cutting skills! This girl would do this for hours if I let her...
 Anytime we work on any activity together, we always have free time after. Whether that is playing with play dough after punching out the subtraction sentence, free drawing in the salt tray, free time cutting paper anyway she chooses...
Zoe's choice the other day after reading and pointing out the alphabet and its sounds in a book, Zoe asked to do yoga for the letter y...hehe! Love this girl and her desire to learn!

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