Thursday, February 9, 2017

Max's School Celebrations...

January felt like it was all about Max! Besides his birthday shenanigans, we also had a few school celebrations too. We started by going to his school's very first spirit night at Chick-fil-A. There was face painting, balloon animals, and a raffle. As you can see the other two Clayton cuties had a blast!
This was the first time he saw Mrs. Burleigh outside of school and he was a little confused..."like, why aren't you in our classroom?" Haha!
 This teacher is incredible. His class is always up to something. The other day, they celebrated the Chinese New Year. When I went into the room, they were practicing eating rice with chop sticks and then they shared fortune cookies. For their 100 days of school celebration, we were to make a shirt...
 Max was even able to walk during the school wide parade which was so cool!
 I even dropped off a 100 donut for the two life skills unit to share together.
I LOVE all the school traditions and fun they bring to their regular learning! It helps the kids get more excited about their classes and creating community within their school. I am still such a teacher at heart and adore that my sweet boys love their schools!

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