Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hot Diggity Dog Good Time...

As Max grows, so does his love of Mickey Mouse. Not only is this the only show that he will watch, but it is one of the only pictures he knows. Every time he sees Mickey, he gets excited and says "movie". Therefore, I knew right away we would be put on our ears for some cheers!
Max is at this new stage in life where he honestly doesn't really have any friends beyond his family. The life skills unit he is in isn't really an option for him to play with friends outside of class and sadly, only Ryla at church really tries to interact with him. Plus, you take into account that while he is six and has the cognitive development of a toddler, everyone else his age is running and playing more freely. Therefore, I think this will sadly be our last big party with him and will just be family from here on out. 

Since Max LOVES to go "weeeeee" on swings, I decided to have his party at our favorite park because it allows for all our family friends' munchkins to run around while Max does his thing...swings! You will have to excuse the was cold and windy that day (even though the days right before the party were warm and glorious. Plus, the lighting with the shade was awful!)
I set up a hot diggity dog bar...
I told my friends this was a real kids party, junk food and all! We served hot dogs with chips and cupcakes :).
 Right when everyone got there, we went ahead and sang happy birthday to Max so everyone could load up their plates.
Since our little fella doesn't eat, he was happy watch his youtube kids :).
Before we let all the rascals loose, I handed out bags for loot and we busted a piƱata!
 Max was a little cold during this part of the party and wasn't a super happy little guy...
 until it was time to play! Poor Doc pushed him for around 45 minutes straight...
 this kid was all giggles and wouldn't let Doc even think about stopping.
 Our favorite teacher Mrs. Burleigh even dropped in to visit for a few minutes! Both Max and I just LOVE her!
 While Max did his thing, the rest of our friends had the best time playing together...
 This was a busy weekend for family, but we were so excited Mimi & Doc were able to make a day trip to celebrate our little mouseketeer!
 A big thank you also to our friends who came to play with us too. We had a hot diggity dog good time!

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  1. I'm sorry we couldn't be there but I am glad to finally see all of the pictures! I know this was the perfect party for Max :)