Sunday, January 1, 2017

Ringing in the New Year!!

I don't know about you guys, but the Clayton Crew was ready to ring in the New Year! Daniel was out of town with Kason and Zoe for a couple days, so Max and I got everything ready to party!
 Everyone didn't get in until really late New Years Eve and the kids had already crashed, so we decided to have our shindig on New Years Day!
 These two wiggle worms were bouncing off the walls with excitement and blaring those horns before Daniel and I could even get dinner ready :).
 Since our crew is a little older now, I decided we were going to set some goals. We all chose 2-3 personal goals for 2017 and then as a family we collaborated on 2 family goals....eeek, I'm pumped about these!
 I'm not going to share these goals right now, but I am posting them in our house if you ever want to take a peak. I'll share with you in a year how well we did to reach them! Netflix has super fun kid countdowns that we danced to before counting down together...
 then we clinked glasses and said cheers with our sparkling grape juice over cotton candy!
 Let's just say this gal right here loves her some juice!
We even went outside and counted down again with poppers!
The Clayton Crew is excited to move forward into another year of growing, learning, loving, and adventuring together!

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