Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sweet Holiday Fun...

This year I was asked to be on the Mom to Mom admin team. Zoe and I have enjoyed our time getting to know these moms and their little munchkins every Wednesday morning. Since we were off the month of December, I knew us mommas couldn't go that long without getting together. So, I threw a Cookie Exchange and Hot Cocoa play date! I asked my girl Lindsay Norsworthy to help decorate to make it festive while I organized the hot cocoa bar and cookie/recipe exchange.
 It was low key and oh-so fun! Each momma that wanted to participate brought cookies and filled out a recipe card. 
I provided santa bags for everyone to load up a goodie bag to take home to share with family, set on a platter for a dinner party, or to enjoy by themselves after kids are in bed! I also made copies of every one's recipe cards so we could swap recipes and add to our collection.
 Then, we let the kids enjoy a few sweets while running around the church gym. Since it is finally starting to feel cooler in Austin, I thought a hot cocoa bar would be loads of fun for not just us mommas, but for our little rascals too. 
 The hot cocoa bar was toddler approved as my girl had a blast mixing up her special hot cocoa concoction!
Since my little lady also loves her some marshmallows and candy canes, I whipped up a few treats for the littles to enjoy as well.
 The morning was relaxing and stress-free (which is a must this time of year!), as us mommas sat around and visited while the kids played, played, played.
 These pictures don't sufficiently cover everyone who was there...I eventually sat down the camera to enjoy my time as well. So thankful for everyone who came to play with us and for Lindsay helping me out! Also appreciative of the other two admin ladies I get to work with for Mom to Mom...
 Lisa and Nancie (who started this group at Westover). I'm having so much fun this holiday season with my Zoe!
I love having a little sidekick around while our boys are at school!

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