Friday, December 16, 2016

Max Meets Santa...

Let me tell you friends, having multiple children in school works this momma out! On top of all the holiday shenanigans and Kason's field trip last week, Max also had a field trip last week. His class went to Bass Pro Shop to visit Santa! Daniel and I met up with his class to join in the fun...
 Last year Max screamed his head off when we walked near Santa, so this year was a win! He didn't ever smile at Santa, but he did sit on his lap and no tears were shed. The coolest part about this particular field trip is that a few of his therapists and his adaptive PE coach were sponsors! He actually has two physical therapists at school, so one of them was in charge of Max and even brought his gait trainer so he could practice walking around the it!
 The other bonus on this field trip is that dad came too! I'm usually the only parent who attends school functions in the daytime, so both Max and I loved having dad join us that day!
 I'm loving this school and all the thoughtful ways his teacher Mrs. Burleigh works with her students. After visiting Santa they even stopped by a bowling alley before heading back to school!

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