Sunday, December 4, 2016

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas...

The Clayton Crew kept the holiday fun rolling when we got home as we went on a hunt for our Christmas tree!
Elgin Tree Farm is our Christmas tree go to place. They load us up on a hay ride and drop us off for us to search for just the right one.
 I think Zoe was most excited to pose and carry the tree, while Kason was just in awe that we let him hold the saw, that sassy girl and that "all" boy of mine.
When the crew finally decided on the 'perfect' tree, they all took turns cutting it down...
and used a little teamwork to carry it back to the hayride.
We were a little busy during the week, so we didn't get to transform the house until Thursday and Friday. Chippy was a day late, but he finally arrived on Friday for our annual North Pole Breakfast!
 To make up for his late appearance, he brought our little elves goodie baskets...
 We usually share in snow donuts, but this year we had banana nut muffins since I baked several batches of banana nut bread earlier that week.
 Kason woke up easily that morning and ran downstairs because he saw lights shining downstairs, but Zoe wasn't too thrilled with this whole early morning wake up call, haha!
 She eventually smiled after seeing Chippy and her goodie basket :). Max on the other hand wasn't quite sure what all this excitement was about.
 That evening after school, I had all the tree ornaments out for us to christen the tree! Zoe has been asking about our star for the tree all week, and was thrilled we saved it for her (although its a snowflake instead)...
 Each year I cherish the time we spend decorating our tree. We play Christmas music and sing along while talking about which ornaments we love. The kids put most of the ornaments up and I try really hard not to move any of them...I'll just move a big ornament if there is a glaring hole. Other than that, I leave their masterpiece alone :).
 They are always so proud of their work! 
We usually have another tree or two around the house that they help decorate as well, but I don't always capture those moments since we usually set up a little here or there for a couple days.
Moments aren't quite as magical year around like they are around Christmas. It's a time to soak up the hope and joy in our little elves eyes as they dream about Santa, sing along to the Christmas songs on the radio, admire the twinkling lights around town, and spend the month sharing in special activities together as a family. This family will be jingling all the way through December!

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