Friday, August 12, 2016

Summer Adventures #weeknine

Wow!...that about sums up #weeknine. This week was loads of fun, but wore this momma out :). The Clayton Crew kicked off the weekend in Bowie on the lake for a retreat with a few from our Young Pro group at church {Daniel is a young adults minister by the way}. I love, love this sweet group!
We enjoyed a day on the lake swimming, cannon balling, tubing, and kneeboarding before heading back to the house for dinner, smores, and games...
 We came back home on Sunday for me to finish my night shift at work, then turn around and head to our family retreat with our church friends at Mo Ranch! Whew, right?!? Like I said, busy, fun, but oh so exhausting! We love us some Mo Ranch every summer. The retreat is very laid back and chill. Half the time I don't even know where my kids are! {That would be why there aren't very many pics from this trip.} The parents play volleyball every morning after breakfast and worship...
followed by swimming in the river, lunch, then free time which usually consists of disc golf, swimming in the pool, or going down the rapids in the river.
After dinner, we have another worship together...
 This year was really cool because we had a combined worship with an African American group from San Antonio. It was beautiful to worship our Father together as one!
 The last night always boasts a talent show for the kids, followed by a dance party...what what!!!
 Mo Ranch is only a couple hours from home, so we took our time heading back on Wednesday stopping at a few places in Fredericksburg followed by the infamous Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls...
 I think we all were excited to sleep in our own beds and chill at home the rest of the week/weekend. Thursday seems to be my grocery shopping/errands day on weeks when we are home and these goobers definitely made it more lively this week!
Max on the other hand, loved when we took a reading break at Costco...
 I just have to brag on these two incredible siblings who are so patient and kind when it comes to their brother. Like I mention often, Max has therapy for a couple of hours every Thursday. We usually pack our lunches and play our educational apps or watch movies...
 and they never complain...blessed momma here! Friday we pretty much didn't do anything all day which was glorious and relaxing. Although that evening, I whipped up a few snacks and a fun themed table for olympic opening ceremonies! 
 This was the first year the kids are old enough to really understand what the olympics are, so it was super fun explaining how all the top athletes in the world compete against one another.
 These olympic torch carriers were ready for the games to begin!
And yes, we have been binge watching the olympics every night! Little lady is loving the gymnastics while Kason is diggin' the swimming. This week might have worn me out, but it was a blessed week of fellowship with some wonderful friends. I love that my tribe is being raised by a village who are speaking truth into their lives!

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