Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Max goes to Kinder...

Friends...Max has started kindergarten!!! Isn't that so crazy, but yet unbelievably exciting?!? His PPCD program the last two years, definitely prepared all of us for his transition into school full time. When you say the word school to Max, he associates it with the fun times he had at Giddens and just starts wiggling with joy :). 
It didn't matter that we had to wake him up super duper early and take pictures in the dark before heading out...this guy was all giggles! {Side note: we sold our house to move into Austin to be closer to church and BCS, so Max is commuting in this week with the big guys until we move this weekend. Which means these guys hit the road at 6:45 every morning!} Max went with me to register, see his new classroom, and meet his teacher last well as participate in a transfer ARD to get him ready for the first day on Monday. Since this is a new environment, he wasn't as excited once we got there (even though I helped him prepare). Every time we have been at River Oaks, he just points to the door and says "go", get me outta here! Where is Ms. Shea and my friends?!? So he was definitely nervous and confused while dropping him off.
I really like his new teacher Ms. Burleigh and especially his new friend who is a doll!
He is in a life skills class for K-2 students. He will stay in his classroom for all academic instruction, but mainstream with a kinder class for specials, lunch, and recess. So far I have liked the progression of conversations we have had and look forward to Max having a great kinder year! 

On Sunday, Westover had a Kinder Blessing that Max got to be a part of. He uses his gait trainer at church and struts himself around the building, so Daniel even helped him on stage...
 He was such a stud up there...
 even though he was a bit confused and kept looking to Daniel to rescue him :).
I'm so excited to see Max rock his kindergarten year!
 You are looking at a graduate of the Class 2032! {Max will go until he is 21 in case you are doing the Math :)}

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