Monday, July 25, 2016

Fairy Grandmother Date...

Like I mentioned on the previous post, Zoe's Fairy Grandmothers took the princess on a special date before her party to Build a Bear!
Both grandmothers said she was a little shy and scared at first because the machine was really loud.
 The young lady helping Zoe was apparently super friendly and kind which eventually won Zoe over and got her involved in making her bear. Zoe even picked out a heartbeat to put inside!
 When Zoe got home she told me all about the bath, this must have been one of her favorite parts...
 After dressing up her Elsa bear with a tiara, high heel shoes, and two gowns...
 Zoe adopted her bear by naming her Princess Jazzy! She had so much fun and carries that bear around everywhere with her. Thank you so much for the special birthday treat Nana and Mimi!!!

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