Saturday, June 18, 2016

Summer Adventures #weektwo

I don't know about you other mommas, but this momma is lovin' her some summertime! This was our first week home and it was glorious...sleeping in, no alarms, lazying around in our pjs...absolute perfection for this non-early rising family :). Our summer routines each year usually consists of, so what do you want to do today? I have several ideas for the kids to choose from and we usually just pick one off the list or sporadically create a new one...we aren't terribly structured since we don't have to be. The only main routine we have is every afternoon (during the heat of the day) the kids have mommy school and quiet time which I'll explain in another blog. So let's get to the cuties while I take you on a picture walk of our week.

As you may know, we are a homemade type family. I bake a lot and make most things from scratch, so naturally the kids love to join in. A recipe I've had my eye on is homemade graham crackers...I'm not super granola, but I do like to know what goes into my munchkins tummies so I stay away from processed foods as much as possible. Therefore, I knew this recipe would be a hit for the family and boy did it come through for us in a big way...yum!
The super fun part about this recipe was letting the kids use a variety of cookie cutters for fun cracker shapes...
While we let the cookies cool and before the sun was blistering, we packed a picnic and headed to the park for a picnic...
After some much needed sunshine followed by some rest, we made our very own solar ovens to cook smores with our graham crackers we baked.
*Note to self, use one big box rather than small individual ones for a stronger oven to keep heat in.* At least the kids were still able to enjoy a somewhat ooey-gooey mess!

The kids and I packed our lunches again, but headed to downtown Austin for a father's day themed story time at Book People. 
All the books read were centered around dads which was really fun. After the stories, the munchkins all made Father's Day cards...
Of course since we were at a book store, we just had to wonder around and check things out. I had been there before, but the kids haven't and they loved the BookKids corner.
It was only fitting for us to swing by REI next door to pick up dad a little Father's Day treat. Then we decided to hit up one of our favorite toy stores in Austin before we headed home, Terra Toys. Why we love this place so much is they have toys open and set up around the store to play with. So the kids will hang out for an hour or so playing and exploring for free :)

We met up with some good friends, the Baur ladies, for Cinemark's Summer Club $1 Movies and saw Alvin and the Chipmunks newest movie. This morning was a little crazy since Max also had therapy followed by a doctor's appointment since we think he somehow got bitten by a spider. No worries, he is fine...we've just had to give him meds and monitor him. That afternoon we did have an epic battle on our hands, that was actually a fun sibling war for once :)...

Thursday is our double duty therapy day, so the kids and I snuck to the pool first thing after breakfast to get in a some splish splashin' fun and as you can see, it was glorious empty! If you can't tell, we are swimming and movie watching junkies :).
That evening we enjoyed a family fun cool down at Bahama Bucks.

This is usually the best day of our summer week since it's family fun day...but, Daniel had several projects he needed to work on. Therefore, it ended up being a grocery store run/chore completing morning for the rest of us. Our good buddy and neighbor, Tanner, came over to hang that afternoon and since Daniel needed us out of the house, he sent us to the Inflatable Bounce House in the mall.
This ended up being a score! for me since I got to spend a couple hours studying for a retreat I'm organizing coming up this fall. The place isn't very big, so I was able to set up shop in an area where I could see the entire zone.
These goofballs wore themselves out and just had a blast together!
So much so, that when we met up with friends for dinner that night Tanner came along too! They just couldn't bear to separate :).

Week two down, a lot more memories to make coming up...stay tuned!

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