Friday, March 18, 2016

Impact Mission Trip...

This spring break, Daniel and I were invited to be sponsors for a few youth group students headed to Impact in Houston. 
We have been to Impact several times, so we immediately jumped at the chance! If you aren't familiar, Impact Church of Christ ministers to homeless of Houston and inner city children. The groups we sponsor always work with the children's ministry and their VBS.
Being at Impact makes the Kingdom of God tangible for me. Seeing so many people pour their hearts into these kids and love without boundaries is an incredible experience to witness. During the VBS week, kids are bussed in for a large gathering (like above) then rotate through classes. The whole experience is loud and glorious as these munchkins learn about who God is along with the major characters in the bible.
It was really neat for me to have Kason and Zoe with us so they could participate in the VBS as well. Kason struggled a little jumping in because he is our shy guy and it takes him awhile to warm up whenever we are around...
He did participate, but more on the outskirts of the activities. As for little lady, well she pretty much said goodbye to us at the door...haha!
She is our social butterfly and she jumped right in with both feet. She participated in all activities, made friends, and pretty much became a member of the Impact children's ministry :). 
I think the funniest part of the week was how perplexed the kids were that I was Zoe's mom! It just didn't make since to them ;).
After lunch at the building, the students were able to participate in an outdoor activity like playing at a park. One afternoon, they were treated to an afternoon at Old MacDonald's Farm...
 There were pins full of different animals to feed and pet, along with riding a pony, taking a train ride, and getting rowdy on a playground. Another day, our youth group took the afternoon off for a little detour to Kemah Boardwalk...
 We enjoyed walking around the boardwalk, eating at Bubba Gump's, letting the kids play a game, and of course splurging on a funnel cake...yum!
 Daniel stayed with the group the entire trip and chauffeured them around while the kids and I stayed at my parent's house. It worked out well that my dad was able to watch Max each day, while the other two joined the group. I sadly didn't get to spend as much of my day at Impact as I had originally envisioned because Max is starting to be more aware when he is being left, so I felt I needed to spend a little extra time with him each morning. Although, I knew he was in good hands each day...
 You know this holiday lovin' momma always has a few treats up her sleeve, but since St. Patty's Day was a travel day for me as we were headed back home...I didn't plan anything. But wouldn't  you know Mimi surprised us! 
That's right...we had one tricky grandma make luck of the Irish cinnamon fun! What a fabulous week serving alongside so many men and women giving up their time and vacation to share God's love with underprivileged kids. I just love how so many people can come together in one place serving with one purpose all in God's's the beauty of His hands and feet here among His earthly kingdom. What an honor to participate in that service. A huge thank you for Mimi and Doc helping out so that we were able to participate! 

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