Thursday, September 10, 2015

CX Season!

There is no denying that this crazy Clayton crew loves us some cycling! It's one of those sports that all ages can do and it's a great way for families to be active together...which is extremely important to us. Last fall, Daniel participated in several Cyclocross events around the Austin area and we noticed there were kid races as well as kid courses set up at the events. Kason wasn't quite ready to conquer the course last year because he was still a bit timid, but a year later...he is feeling more confident and ready for some racing action!
Daniel found out this summer about a youth outreach cycling program called the Cyclocross Project that has created cycling practices each week for kids ages 4-15 to teach them bike handling skills, nutrition/hydration, bike maintenance, and how to ride in a race around other riders. The program partners with nuun (electrolyte drink tabs) and Clif Kids to provide hydration and snacks for each practice and cool is that?!?
Daniel and I were pumped to sign Kason up for weekly practices and racing events this fall (with Kason's consent of course!). What I love about this program is that it promotes cyclists of all stages: beginner to advanced. There are kids at practices in Walmart bikes with no cycling experience to older kids with actual cyclocross bikes that are clipping in and everything. The program is free for all participants...including races...isn't that awesome? Why yes, can you tell I am just a little excited about this program :). Kason had his first practice last week and is already loving it! 
There are three different locations for practice so we have tried out two different ones. Daniel and I fell in love with the second practice location with Coach Mike.
 He took the time to set up a little course for the kids to practice...
 as well as barriers for them to practice jumping over...
 The barriers started on the ground so coach could teach them how to jump the front wheel first then the back wheel. As you can see...
it definitely wasn't easy! Coach Mike even set up cones for the kids to practice weaving in and out of to increase their bike handling skills. Unfortunately, I was playing around with little lady and missed this shot...but I did get several of him tearing up the course!
 Kason is still getting a feel for riding on the rough terrain compared to roads and sidewalks like he is used to, but tells us after each practice that he loves it. Although tonight he also told us how hard this one was...haha! I'm thinking Coach Mike is going to be a great asset in pushing this little man to reach his full potential. At the end of the practice they stretched again (which little sister just HAD to join in)...
before their group hands-in break! excited to see this little hot shot in action on race days! Now worries, you will have full access to this cyclist in full gear tearing up the cyclocross course while this crazy Clayton crew yells "HUP-HUP" on the sidelines!

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