Monday, August 24, 2015

Max Goes to School...Again!

Last year I was riddled with nerves thinking about letting my Mr. Max go to school...but this year, I was filled with pure excitement!
 Max absolutely LOVED school last year and we both adored his teacher, Ms. Shea. Thankfully, his ELE Pre-K program is for two years...
 so this handsome little man gets two years of awesomeness!
 Of course he had no clue what this crazy crew was doing to him this morning as we got him all ready to go, singing and cheering, taking pictures, and brimming with joy. He did seem a bit confused about the school, room, and teacher (she tickled him in this picture)...
 but I just know that it won't take him long to fall back into a good routine again. Ms. Shea is a good mixture of love and nurture while also pushing Max to excel. This momma was also excited to see Ms. Renee one of the ELE aides from last year back again...she was also phenomenal with Max. It was absolutely precious this morning because one girl that was with him last year got all excited when he strolled through the door :).
Oooh...I can hardly wait to see the way this handsome fella is going to flourish and thrive this year! I'm excited to report that he will go the full five days a week, but still only until 11:45 each day. I will continue to take him to his three weekly therapy appointments before and after school. Kason and Zoe were sad not to have their little buddy around this morning, so I let them pick up one of his favorites to celebrate his first day...
...and a celebration we had! Max's first day was a success...he totally rocked it like we knew he would! Here's to another fun-filled school year! 

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  1. At least all 3 of your kids start on different days. Although, that could be more stressful since you will now have to plan 2 more send off parties :)