Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Kason's New School Adventure...

Daniel and I are brimming with excitement this year for Kason's new school adventure...
He is starting first grade at Brentwood Christian School! This possibility just kind of fell into place at the last minute and I look forward to sharing later why we chose this school for him after a year of wrestling with what was best for our kids' education. For today, I just want to share with you the joy that has been surrounding our home as we prepare for his big day! Yesterday, Kason officially met his teacher Mrs. Burcham...
he was able to disperse his supplies...
and explore his new classroom! Both Kason and Zoe were thrilled there is a reading fort..
I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to get them out of there...haha!
This fella loves him some school, so he was definitely looking forward to heading back to the classroom. Kason really loves to learn and it brings a huge smile to this momma's teacher lovin' heart to see his eagerness.
As I've mentioned before, Kason and I set a goal of 75 books to read this summer (25 a month) to help him prepare for first grade...and he did it!!! You can see where he started on the left. He worked hard, pushed through frustration, learned some phonics, and finished out strong with his last book on the right!
 When working on admissions into Brentwood, he was tested and I can hardly contain my excitement to reveal that he scored 1.5 which means middle of the year 1st grade...eeek! He barely passed the kinder end of the year reading goal in June...that was just three months ago...and now he is rockin' this reading gig! Wow is all I can say right now...beyond proud of my little man!
We lost a bit of confidence in Kinder, but after this summer he is feeling strong again and was ready to go. He especially loves that he is going to be a bear and that he can go all the way to high school on one campus :)...
After spending the afternoon/evening piddling with getting his backpack, lunchbox, and uniform ready, he finally crashed to wake up to our annual Back to School breakfast!
I love that he wants to be an artist now...he really enjoys drawing and painting. When asking him, he told me he just knows that he's good at it, so why not do that when he grows up :).
This morning was a little busy considering we had to get up crazy early for breakfast, drop off Max extra early, and then drive into Austin for Kason's school and fight traffic. {This won't be the norm for us since Daniel will take him on his way to work.} I didn't get the best pics, but oh well...this is real life, right?!?
Our big boys heading to school...
We embarrassingly showed up a couple minutes late and missed all the fun drop off first day of school stuff, which was super difficult on this early arrival loving family, but thankfully Kason just rolled with it.
He hung up his backpack, and walked on in courageously to sit by his new friend he met yesterday, Joshua.
Eeek...we have a 1st grader! Ahhh, we are so excited to see the growth and his learning experience this year on his new school adventure. Stay tuned as we share how our Brentwood Christian Bear rocks this first grade thing!

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  1. He looks so big & I am so proud of his reading skills! I know he is going to love BCS!