Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Toothless Grin...

The Clayton Casa has one happy, toothless grinning fool in our house since Kason lost his very first tooth last week!
His bottom tooth has been loose and wiggly for a couple of weeks fact, his permanent tooth has already grown up behind the baby tooth. Kason has been fearlessly working on that tooth hoping it would fall out. Of course Daniel offered to help him out with the old door knob trick, but Kason wasn't having any of that ;)! On Thursday as we loaded the car to head to Max's therapy appointment, Kason bumped into Zoe's car seat. He didn't even realize at the time his tooth fell out until he started talking and I noticed he looked a bit different in the rear view mirror.
I pulled over and we luckily found his tooth on one of he mats in the car...whew! He was a little bummed at first thinking he was going to have to write the tooth fairy a note instead of his first tooth. 
 It was the most adorable thing listening to Kason and Daniel get everything ready the night before by filling out his Tooth Fairy Chart, carefully placing his tooth in the pocket, then tucking his tooth pillow right next to him snug in bed.
 That sneaky little tooth fairy flittered into Kason's room to replace his tooth with a gold dollar coin! Kason was ecstatic to wake up the next morning to see his prize and just beamed at how he didn't even hear anyone in his room the night before :). I'm guessing that tooth fairy better get stocked up because Kason is already on a mission wiggling his next tooth victim as we speak!

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