Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer Lovin': Week 7...

This crew kept up their summer fun activities this week while also getting ready for Zoe's precious 3rd birthday party. We are trying to soak up as much sibling love as we can since there are only 4 weeks of summer left...eeek! 

Make it Monday: Marble Maze
We started the week by making a marble maze out of left over boxes and straws. This was a bit of a challenge for Kason, but he ended up really enjoying it.
Of course for little lady, I did the straw cutting because I still can't quite trust her with scissors yet, but she loved helping glue and lay the straws down.

Tabernacle Tuesday: Joy
We started our lesson by singing "I've got joy down in my heart" which Max really got into! Then, we talked about the difference between joy and happiness. How joy runs deep, settles in our hearts, and how we can have joy even in times of sorrow or other emotions. We read a scripture from Proverbs 17:22...
We talked about just like a doctor helps heal patients with bandaids :) and medicine...
God heals our hearts with the joy he gives us. That when we allow God's joy to live within us, how we can spread his love and joy to others as well.

Wet Wednesday: Water gun Fight!
This week called for a little water gun shooting practice...
followed by a water gun fight!
You better believe that I got totally soaked myself once I put that nice camera down...haha! No worries,  I got my revenge right back :). Since I was busy working on Zoe's party Thursday and Friday we didn't finish up our weekly activities...oh well, that's just how summer weeks roll sometimes! 

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