Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer Lovin: Week Three

The Clayton cuties started off their week by celebrating how much we love our daddy with Father's Day!!!

The shirt says it all....well, and maybe those big gleaming smiles! After gushing over our favorite person, we sent him on his way to join the youth group for church camp all week at ACU. Therefore, I ended up spending my week chasing after my three favorite little rascals...

Make it Monday: Fido's Feast
Kason has three of his own cookbooks, so I let him and Zoe choose which recipe we would be making. The kids helped me grocery shop for our ingredients, and with a little help were able to make it on their own...

Make favorite part was them eating the puppy chow just like a dog...haha!

They loved every minute of this activity...

especially getting all hopped up on sugar :).

Tabernacle Tuesday: God's Creation
Well, this momma still hasn't got her act together for our Fruits of the Spirit lessons so we ended up checking out the Austin Zoo instead. All three of my little monkeys love, love this was a super fun adventure for them.
The Austin Zoo is not traditional since it's actually a rescue and rehabilitation place for animals, but we still enjoyed exploring. We even took a little train ride around the extra zoo land...

but I think their favorite activity was being able to pet and feed the goats, deer, and llamas...
 I even loved how Max interacted with the animals! Kason was so good with him, helping him pet and feed the goats :).

 Wet Wednesday: Ice Day
The night before, the kids and I made ice crayons to make watercolor masterpieces...
 We also froze animals in blocks of ice to bust out!
 We started with small ice picks (screwdrivers), but Kason felt like it was taking to he broke out the hammer for some ice shattering fun!

 Thinking Thursday: Sunday School
Since we were heading out of town for another wedding, Thursday consisted of a few house chores and loads of packing. Therefore, the kid's activity for the day was helping me prepare for my Sunday morning sub with the Story of Joseph at church. 

Family Fun Friday: Road Trip to Lubbock!
The kids and I picked up Daniel in Abilene on Friday, then headed back to our old stomping grounds...Wreck 'Em Tech town. We hung out at the Roberson's again where Zoe and Kason got to have slumber parties and stay up waaaaay too late! On Saturday, a sweet, sweet young couple that was in our college ministry got married. Kason was asked to be the ring bearer...
while Daniel officiated the wedding. Both did an incredible job and I couldn't be more proud! The wedding venue was absolutely stunning and this Clayton Crew couldn't be more excited for Kaylie and Brock Hooten...congrats to the newlyweds!
 All of us had so much fun catching up with all of our Lubbock friends who we miss sooo much! It was absolutely fabulous to make a trip back "home". The exciting part for the kids was that on the way home, Daniel and I met up his parents to drop the kids off for...Nana and Pops camp!!!

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