Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Splashin' Good Time!

Kason is always excited when spring rolls around because it means it is getting closer for some pool splashin' fun!
Of course, it also means that this momma is making her rascals warm up their swimming skills with lessons :). 
In the past we have done little two week lesson courses which didn't help Kason much and last year we did Nitro (a more technical swim lesson) which I just fell in love with. 
I had planned to take him back this year, but Zoe fell into the mommy-and-me category which is a no go with Mr. Max (as in, there would be no one to watch him). Therefore, I searched and found that at the YMCA I could put them in private lessons together...
 Best decision EVER! Kason jumped right in ready to go and did incredible this year...
 The one on one time was really good for him. He tends to get anxious waiting around for his turn to go, so having someone working with him the entire time just did wonders for his confidence in the water.
Last year we got stuck on back floating...as in, he refused to do it at all. So, towards the end of lessons he would spend most of the time sitting on the side...not this year! This kid has been all about conquering fears lately! He did well back floating with the instructor beside him and when he wasn't paying attention, they would sneak a few feet away. Of course he panicked when he realized it, but oh man...he was finally floating all by himself!
As for little lady, well...she wasn't about to get in the water with someone she didn't know :). She is a little fish for Daniel and I...inside the tub and at the pool. This girl will just dunk herself under water like it ain't no thing! But she did have to warm up to swimming with someone knew, so she ended up just playing on the steps for the fist couple of lessons.
Finally, after she realized our weekly routine and saw how much fun Kason was having...she started to join in on the fun.
Zoe also did well with the lessons. As you can see, she is a bit wild & crazy...
 I'm still not sure if she is swimming or practicing her high kicks :). I would say my only complaints about the YMCA swim lessons is that we had 3 different instructors during our 8 week course...which was a bit frustrating not have continuity. Plus only one out of the three was really awesome and taught more technical skills.
 Thankfully, the kids eventually rolled with it and were just excited to make a splash. What I did love about the lessons is that the private lessons did wonders for the kids. Having more one on one time helped both Kason and Zoe strengthen their skills and gain more confidence in the water.
 By the end of swim lessons, Kason was swimming the length of the pool by himself, diving to pick up rings off the bottom of the pool, and jumping into the water and swimming to the instructor.
 Friends, these are giant leaps for this kid! As for Zoe, she is still pretty young for any actual skill yet...
 but she worked hard on blowing bubbles under water (rather than drinking it), kicking her legs properly while swimming, how to get out of the pool correctly by herself (without steps), dove under water to pick up rings off the instructors leg, and jumped off the edge of the pool. While swim lessons were inside, the outside pool opened towards the end of May and the kids had access to splash around before and after lessons...
 which was a super fun treat! So, so proud of my little fish!
Both Kason and Zoe did awesome this year and we've already been putting our swimming skills to good use in our neighborhood pool...having a splashing good time!

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  1. Can't wait to see those little fishies in action next time you come to visit :)